This IS Fundraising

The Ultimate Fundraising Tool For Your Council

Our unique Fundraising Program was design to help you save a minimum of $50 on most of your shopping needs and we call it:


With every $5 purchase, not only would you support the Boy Scouts of America which is greatly appreciated, in return you would save a minimum of $50. These packages expire 60 days after they were purchased, please ensure that you use these great benefits and savings within that time. You can purchase as many $50 savings you wish to a maximum of $1,000 per year in savings per account.


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Camp Card Vendors Gain

Camp Card Programs offer vendors value through:

  • improved brand visibility in the local community
  • increased local shopper traffic
  • stronger customer loyalty

Vendors - Interested in joining a local Camp Card Program?


Council Project

Camp Card Program projects are easy to design and track using our online tools for council professionals. Council professionals will always be up-to-date on project status. Camp Card Project Management tools schedule tasks and simplify coordination with vendors. Get Started: Begin Your Camp Card Program project.


Camp Cards

The primary purpose of Camp Card Programs is to Send Scouts to Camp. Camp Card Program profits are split between the Scout Units and the Council. Easy-to-sell Camp Cards boost Community Awareness and support for scouting. Camp Cards Programs are useful for any fundraising needs. Call 1-866-592-8920 and get started today.