Welcome to the All American Card Company Manage Your Camp Card® Project page. If you are new here let us briefly introduce you to the camp card® project management process.
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When you begin a new Camp Card® project with us your user account will be set up for you and your login credentials will be emailed directly to you.

What are the steps?

The project management process begins with your council completing a Letter of Intent to work with All American Card Company (AACC). Once this is completed and returned to us you will be assigned an AACC Customer Service Representative who will assist you in every aspect of your Camp Card® Program.

Who participates?

We discuss users generically based on the following roles:

  • Customer Service Rep (CSR) - This person is your All American Card Company customer service contact and they will manage and oversee your camp card® project from beginning to end.
  • Council Scout Executive (CSE) - This person is responsible for council decisions and they have access to all council projects so they know what's going on. They also assign other council roles.
  • Council Project Manager (CPM) - This person is designated by the council executive (may be one in the same person) and he/she is responsible for managing the camp card project for the council.
  • Council Vendor Project Manager (CVPM) - This person is designated by the Council Project Manager (may be one in the same person) and he/she is responsible for contacting vendors and soliciting offers for the camp card® project.
  • Vendor Rep - This is the vendor representative contacted by the Council Vendor Project Manager who is responsible for making the vendor's offer and providing various digital graphic resources that are needed to layout that offer on your camp card®.

What do I manage?

As an All American Card Company Council Partner you will have access to your council camp card® projects. You will only be able to see projects for your council, not other councils. Depending on your role you may be adding other users to the project. Each camp card® project will have one or more milestones (a goal with a deadline). Each milestone may have one or more tasks. Once you log in and view your project you will see your project dashboard. This dashboard will list all the tasks assigned to you. Just click on a task to add your comments, update the status, or complete your task. As tasks are completed each person on the project will have access to the updated status of your camp card® project.